Weekend Inspiration


I feel so humble when Jesus touches my life and of those I love, especially during episodes of hardship and heartache. Even when we ignore him and do our own thing he still reveals his care for us if we do not seek him or ask him for answers, (Isaiah 65/1-8). To nations who did not call out his name, he continued to call out to them, ‘Here am I, here am I’. Even when we were not looking for God let alone asking for his help, he constantly pursued us. In critical times of our lives his love was there for us, waiting to bless us, to free us and to be as one with him. Who else do you know that would love us as much? He kept his silence until He chose the time to reveal himself.

The Lord says, ‘As when juice is still found in a cluster of grapes and men say, ‘Do not destroy it, there is yet some good in it, so will I do in behalf of my servants, I will not destroy them all’. (65/8)

Is God not reminding us in comparison to juice of a grapes still having some good in it that he will find us also with ‘some good still in each of us’? No matter how bad our lives have been God will squeeze us continually to find the good in us. How amazing is that in his unfailing love for us? In verse 24 we read. ‘Before they call I will answer, while they are still speaking I will hear.’

Will you call out to him and allow this loving God to squeeze you and let the goodness flow? Can you hear him calling you to ask for answers?

Be Blessed


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