Dealing With Difficulties “Substance Abuse”

Drunkenness is nothing new the abuse has been around for years. It also involves some of the greatest people of faith.

If we turn to Genesis 9 verse 21: Is the story of Noah, just after he had brought his family through the flood.

Drunkenness is to much alcohol and impairs people judgement, and effects our interaction with others. we are called to be Kingdom People, walking in relationship with our King {Our Lord and Our Friend} and anything that takes way from our covenant relationship with our King, is sin wrongdoing.

Covenant relationship which we have spoken about, involves honoring covenant relationship with our King, through repentance and acceptance  of what Our Lord and Our Friend did in dying for us and rising again to give us new life, we accept to walk in new life. God has given us His Best, so we should give God our best and all we are.

We lesson our effectiveness to be our best by partaking of substance abuse. Scripture verse John 8 verse 32; “And the Truth will set you free.”

By taking of substance abuse we are putting ourselves in a place where the where the freedom won and given to us is tarnished.

Substance abuse impairs our judgement, many moral mistakes have been made by the abuse of alcohol, and other so called recreational drugs. The price of our freedom is to high to surrender it again, to these types of abuses

Substance abuse can cause serious health problem, and for a Christian Our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, we are abusing the place we invited Him into.

Substance abuse, mainly comes from looking for a high, or trying to escape reality, Our Lord and Our Friend is reality and fellowship with Him, who needs another form of high, Substance abuse  is really a very low act in abuse oneself.

Call and He will answer you, He loves you to much to leave you in a place of despair and no hope.

If You do have a problem confide in someone like a Pastor or a medical professional,  You are not alone.

God Bless.

O F J.

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