Weekend Inspiration



This year has rocked us all and each with happenings of trouble, terror and turmoil as a huge portion of life on earth has become fearful. An unknown virus has affected us all but mostly the elderly in their isolation and fear. It has caused bewilderment, control of their freedom and an inability to understand why their loved ones don’t visit. Such confusing circumstances tend to make them isolate from confidence and trust. Those elderly folk even begin to think they have caused this event in some way. Those of us who believe in tests of faith for every life season know what it is to grieve through tough times have tasted fervent prayer, trusting God with thanks for all to come in the name of love. His challenge to us when life bring us to weeping is to trust the Lord’s strength and seek His peace in his perfect power knowing that it will flow and flood into our heart and spirit. Not just once but through your whole experience of life. Paul experienced many trials yet His harvest was huge and suffering great.

It is not so in many cases of aged folk kept behind closed doors and feeling so confined away from their loved ones and not understanding why. They are frail, many are fearful and because of absences from family, inwardly they begin to subside into some form of depression or loss of familial contact. How can we get in touch with them and connect again or to reassure of our love and continuing care? My thought was to provide visual messages from families so that familiar faces will encourage the recipients of the love being sent. Or perhaps,, letters, photos and drawings from grandchildren being shown to them every day. So many elders crave touch and affection and if not in receipt of those basic feelings or attention will fade from hope and faith. Please pray for the contact of families to, in some constant ways prevail to ease their loss. Something to reflect on.

Be Blessed


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