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On looking up the Australian Oxford dictionary ‘social’ and ‘distance’ quotes, ‘unfitted for solitary life’ – living in communities, characterized by friendly companionship, a link from one to another.  ‘Distance’ is described as, ’remoteness, being far off, the far part of what is within sight and to avoid familiarity.’


How confronting this could be for Christians who know life to be togetherness within loving mercy whose love was preached to thousands and so others spread the word to many throughout the land.

Their lives were changed. Then there was no social distancing in those circumstances. But lepers, despite being outsiders were healed by Jesus and his disciples. Also, he did not avoid, as others did, the woman at the well who definitely endured social distancing. Our Jesus spilled out his compassion to her and she rejoiced in her freedom and forgiven soul.


In today’s countries all over the world, social distancing has become a priority to overcome our fearfulness and has become an unwanted influence. Therefore reaction has become a confusing and concerning existence because the doubting of truth has arisen as to the reality of the preservation of the social distancing syndrome and the spread of fearful beliefs.


Therefore, readers, seek the God of all truth to reveal the answers in faith, and Almighty love, and to sweep our lands and our people with divine blessings.




Be Blessed



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