Weekend Inspiration




Many hurting people in our world at present are questioning the traumas of the meaning of the fear and misery, isolation and losses. Believers of our Christ’s purposes have been thrown into chaos never before experienced. Fear, insecurity, hardship and adversity on a scale so unexpected by unknown expectations are in force and enforced. Our prayers cry out for understanding, for answers, and for hundred it means a new life. But to seek courage and to share our caring hearts we need to trust in God’s divine purposes for his followers with trust and truth.

In 1 John 4 it speaks of God’s love but also love one another and we will be complete in that love, because he has given us his spirit.  If we acknowledge the son, Jesus, as the son of God.,  he lives in us and he  in God so we rely and know in that love.  Whoever lives in love lives by God and makes us complete so amidst us we will have confidence in the day of judgement.  There is no fear in love for it drives out fear which is connected to punishment.

The man, or woman,, who fears  is not made perfect in love. Therefore, during these extremely tough times, as the people of God are shown divine love from God how far can we reach out to those in desperate trials with the love of God that he installed in us that whoever loves God must also  love his brother. Open your hearts and bless others with the love of the Lord our God!

God loves unconditionally!


Be Blessed



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