Weekend Inspiration



Relationships in the Bible reflect the dynamics in the conflicts of the modern world today. In Proverbs 22-verse 17 it says; ‘ Not hearing or holding back in relationships reminds us, ‘Incline your ear and hear the words of the wise and apply your heart to my knowledge, a pleasant thing if you keep them within you.’ (Hear and apply’). Let them be fixed upon your lips so that your trust is in the Lord. …..that I may make you know the certainty of the words of truth. In verse 23, ‘Buy the truth and sell it not.’ meaning to keep that integrity and live it. Trust truth with courage in all your tough times and do the ‘right’ thing in wisdom and with understanding. Hear what the honesty reveals in denial of that lack of trust and inner truth. (Trust and apply)

Do you seek self-control or in emotional melt-downs which leave you depleted?. In Proverbs 21 verse 31 – Here, sobriety is advised and warns of wine, pills and powders. Do you gossip or nag your spouse? Do you refuse people in times of need? Do you practice an understanding heart? Or do you criticize or condemn often? Is there a hidden sin in your life? Deal with the above in trust and truth. (Apply listening)

Live your life in God’s will and his ways. Verse 5 In Proverbs 30 reminds us, ‘Every word of God is pure. He is a shield to those who put their trust in him.’ Perhaps Proverbs point to the principles of revelations in relationships still today.


SOURCE- Women of Faith Devotional Bible


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