Weekend Inspiration



Listening for the ‘cry of the Lord’ seems to be not a constant or a familiar

saying to ourselves as we are busy getting him to hear our cries of distress, worries and fearful problems. We favour in our prayers, to ask Jesus to answer the solutions to our concerns in life so why should we listen to the cries of the Lord. Well, he has all the answers has he not? Won’t he ‘fix’ everything up for us as we keen and cry, allow his wisdom and judgement to take care of the troubled heart stopping events in our lives. We even question his ability to reign and solve the adversities as soon as possible, let alone hear HIS cries of pain and our neglect. It is almost as if we expect him to cure the earthly problems by expecting the Lord to have the solutions ready-made and available?

Yet what is our part in a relationship with another Christian? Do we draw alongside another who has done seemingly vast wrongdoings and of loss of attempts to ‘right’ the outcome, or do we touch their hearts with a forgiving yet testing understanding of the ways our Lord teaches us compassion. Do we seek the righting of a wrong attitude with loving support and commit the surrounding atmosphere or sin to a sense of ongoing caring, wise undertaking.

Therefore, the Lord’s cry is entering in to the reality of a willing mutual experience of one hearing the cry of a human in pain. The other participant, the loving, forgiving Lord utters his cry of eternal healing power toward a release of spiritual conflict. SO, HEAR THE LORD’S CRY FROM HIS HEART.


Be Blessed


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