Weekend Inspiration



How human is the weeping of grief in the loss of a loved one.

Such was it so when Jesus heard of his beloved friend’s death and yet Jesus stayed away two more days before seeking out. Is it because he already understood the healing process and mercy of the healing miracle and the raising up from death according to Jesus’s power, love, and emphatic ministry? He demonstrated the power of our God.

When he was faced with the evidence of the death of Lazarus, he also shed tears. Tears because only HE knew he could heal and bring back Lazarus to life, tears because the family did not believe Jesus and his compassion? Tears of sorrow and regret, that the family endured this sudden event of a dying friend who was greatly loved? The thing is, that Jesus himself had been judged as uncaring and too late to intervene on behalf of Lazarus and that Martha and Mary had been let down? In fact he had already told people that Lazarus was ill! There were many reasons for the tears of our Jesus in this circumstance and yet we are told ‘JESUS WEPT! His heart was hurting, just like ours does and he cried human tears much like we do. So how close to him does that make you feel? I myself give thanks for this so human Jesus, and his compassion but most of all his heart of love that he is so identifiable in this humanity .


Be Blessed


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