Weekend Inspiration



`What does this’ power in the spirit’ mean to Christians? It is the word ‘power’ that relates to many situations. What does power ‘react to or not’, to practice. There is the power of nature as in storms. There is the power of consumed forests by fire, years of drought after floods. The power of many wars, of broken boundaries;, to changing of nations and so become refugees. Political power games, relationship power games as well as criminal power.

We could find many more descriptions of the word ‘power’ but it is in the power of the spirit from God that is the most powerful gift. It is the spirit power that is the place we need to seek. This amazing power that comes to the heart of all believers, and often to unbelievers, in order to connect with our God. This ‘power’ spirit is free, life cleansing and pours peace into our hearts and souls.

Peace, rest, trust and worship are God’s gifts of amazing power in, serenity, understanding, compassion and God guiding peace with eternal love. It is free from his spirit of power and to seek it amongst turmoil and pain is a power beyond human understanding. It is his peace and from the power of his spirit. It comes from LOVE such as fills us with the power to forgive, to be compassionate and to love one another.

Focus then on our Lord’s spirit of power in all things and rejoice.

Unlimited love from him, to you.

Be Blessed


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