Brother In Arms, Not Brothers In Conflict


People divisiveness is portrayed in the Old Testament Book of Obadiah. There were brothers, Jacob and Esau shared a womb {Genesis 25 verse 21 to 26} A Struggle that started in the womb never ended.

When God’s people had come out of Egypt, Esau’s descendants refused to let them pass through their land and even sent out an army against them {Numbers 20 verse 14 to 21}

After God’s people took hold of the promised land, they shared their eastern boarder with Edom, Still the animosity continued. The two brother nations never stopped living at odds with each brother.

It could have been so different. Since the Edomites were right next door to Israel. Esau’s descendants got to see God’s great love, as He loved and cared for His people, Esau’s descendants had a front row view of what God was doing, but they showed no interest, only hostility to their brother Nation and to God.

The consistence of standing in opposition to God’s people, the Edomites had clearly shown that they wanted no part in God’s plan.

The consistence of many people today in opposition to a loving God, leaves them missing the great love God for them in their live

Struggling against our family, our neighbors is not apart of God Plan for our lives and He has left the way open to accept all He has for those he loves, in John 3 Verse 16. :Amy Whosoever can come and be accepted’ through repentance to Him.

Perhaps we should all realize people are watching our walk with God, and as we walk closer and closer with Him, others will be drawn to this new way of life, He wants all to have.

God Bless,


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