Made In His Image


Uniqueness: It is a great subject, because we are all unique, that is the way we have all been created,

Psalm 33 verse 13 to 15: Message Bible:

“From high in the skies God looks around, He sees all Adams brood {all of us}. From where He sits He overlooks all us earth -dwellers. He has shaped each person in turn; now he watches everything we do”

We are unique, God didn’t craft the hearts in a mass operation, He crafted our hearts individually. even though we may share things in common with other people, we are essentially one of a kind, not even one in a million, but one of a kind.

No one else has been given exactly the same identity as Our Lord and Our Friend has given to each one of us. .Our faces, our fingerprints, our voices and our genetic makeup are matched to no one else.

Our Lord and Our Friend has handcrafted each one of us, with our personality and our talents, and each of us is different. He has crafted us, each to carry out a unique purpose and mission in life

So the challenge to us all, is to step forward and use our uniqueness, for His Glory and Honor. We have a responsibility to Our Lord and Our Friend who created us with purpose and destiny, both to live with Him and live for Him.

What a wonderful privilege it is for us all, to use the uniqueness we were created with, to advance The Kingdom of God. For God so loved us He created us unique, to use our talents and abilities as a testimony to Him.

Our Faith In action is different for each one of us, and becomes evident when we think none of us as individuals, will reach everybody with the Good News. But when we all with our individual talents comes together in community, no one should miss hearing The Good News.

God Bless.

O F J.

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