Weekend Inspiration



For Christmas week . I think of the preparation still to organize and make a list. I hold my breath at the size of the actions needed to carry it through. Food, gifts, more food and a functioning plan for the event to be a success. In my heart to cherish, there are other gifts I am praying for in silence but are stamped on the wings of sacred winds that swirl around our souls. This list needs the fervent negotiating of my spirit and this I do whenever alone. There is Mary with a diagnosis of terminal cancer but she has been married just three months and miscarried yesterday. Her sorrow and pain flow around the hospital bed. My next door neighbor has been rejected by her husband who has moved out with another woman and has left her monetarily devastated. She is unable to finance any sort of celebration but Lord, she will be part of our day with her two teenagers and will partake of our love. Show us how to feel our caring concern and to feel a part of us on this special day. A homeless lad, Georgie, will join us where he will probably just sit most of the day paying attention to Oscar, our adoring old dog. I pray that they will seek out the young teenagers who have no family and have been sleeping in the concrete toilets at the park. I wonder with awe, if all will mold together on the day because my husband Mick sometimes goes over the top with his jokes, especially in front of our parents who will stay in the local caravan park. My thoughts go around in circles. There are no presents, just fulfilling food to encourage the togetherness of a shared celebration of the birthing of Jesus. But I know the presence of God will be amongst us that is his thirst for his loving spirit of gifts that he will seek for every one of his beloved family with blessings. Christmas will transform those that merge on this day and the blending of the spiritual over her prayers and His love will bring forth anointing of the spirit of Christ who will appoint the praises of changed lives. So it is for my prayer for every family in every country to be touched by his holy presence on this promised day.


Be Blessed


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