Weekend Inspiration



God’s compassionate ways fill us with awe and we are blessed by it. But his wisdom anoints us through our humble faith. This may take much time to expand in us. Just as a flower that blooms and produces a beautiful colour from a single seed but as it also takes time to display into rainbows of blossom. Then it does not survive and is absorbed to die into the ground. Some seeds lie dormant until the next season to bloom again. Others stay dormant and disappear.

So it is the process of storing/saving God’s wisdom. He knows our every song of life but as some seeds bloom only once so does our spiritual growth to share the pattern of life and light. The more we focus on caring for others, the seeds of love, compassion and spiritual lives represent and reflect like windows from the soul. Just as in Solomon’s gifts of discernment we need to also seek these observations and act on them.

Wisdom comes from listening and comparing, hearing acutely and seeing more than usual. Sharing situations in prayerful pleadings and knowing God’s scriptures. Read Proverbs 19 verse:20 and Proverbs 22verse:17-18.

Learn deeply what is true about yourselves and use it in loving forgiveness with God’s wisdom and careful invitation. Take discerning times to evaluate God’s wisdom with hearing ears and seeing eyes and with a heart to receive his counsel with initiative and wisdom.



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