Insights Into ‘Chronicles ‘


First Chronicles begins with genealogical records from Adam to King Saul, and then focuses more on the idealized portrait of King David’s reign.

God’s people have been allowed to return home and rebuild Jerusalem, 70 years of exile had ended. 10 thousand have come back to the promise land to rebuild their homes.

The trouble is they are not their own nation anymore, they are subject to the Persians. their is no King from David’s line on the throne yet.

I question that a lot of people still ask today. was asked by the people of the time, “Is God still interested in us”,

Like us all today they needed a reminder of how God has has his hand on them all along.

God prompts the Chronicler to trace the people linage, in complete detail, all the way from First man, Adam, right up to the present generation. As the lists of name were read, Gods’ people will remember the stories of the rich and incredible heritage.

Another lesson from God himself for us all. He is saying, “ I have my hand on you, I have a plan for you, And I will see it through.”

The Chronicler then tells of David’s reign, his reliance, his military conquests, his passion for Gods’ temple.The people hearts will lift as they remember God’s faithfulness.

God heart has always been for His people to know Him. and He is still faithful and He through David’s line worked to completely and permanently draw all those who want to come to Him.

God Bless.


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