Weekend Inspiration



What patience, compassion and acceptance did this son of God have while on Earth?

In his humility he risked his own life to become involved with the needy, the poor, the hurting, the damaged, those emotionally suffering. He embraced the homeless and the dying souls who were hungry, weary and lacking in love. He did not condemn nor judge them or their past lives and yet he often attended to sinning, weary souls with his ministry of love but often said, ‘Go and sin no more.’ and blessed them with compassion.

Just a few words of conditional behavior… ‘Sin no more.’ was his request. I wonder how many of them heard his request and in his heart, he knew of those who would and those who would not. Still, he did not desist from his anointing to all he mingled with. He accepted their false, at times, promises to absorb his powerful, impacting words and actions. He did not berate, talk tough, threaten or impose with force. He just loved them with one gentle condition saying,’ Sin no more!’

Jesus had his choices amidst difficult situations, such as surrounding himself with ragged beggars, the unwashed crowds, the scornful rich, the ill and suffering. He endured sleepless evenings where he shared his spiritual love through endless mid nights in hunger and tiredness. Sometimes he was bent down by fatigue but poured out his concern and called his people forth. He chose to break down barriers, fear, rejection, poverty and powerlessness. He urged against a ‘pay back’ system as is in this world today. Jesus went the extra mile so why don’t we? We must give our all to experience forgiveness and grace in our choices of company. If we are called to endure mistreatment and lay our souls before Jesus for judgement with forgiveness, may we do so with a willing heart, may it be at a price, to submerge ourselves in his eternal love.


Be Blessed


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