God’s Creation Is For All To See

The Apostle Paul states that God’s eternal power, the Trinity are clearly evident in creation; to such an extent that mankind is without excuse for not believing. The Trinity is what is referred to as the Godhead, God The father. God The Son and God the Holy Spirit that is three in one.

I remember a little phrase from when I was little, Three in One, and One in Three and the One in the middle died for me.

As a consequence, we would expect to see the number three appearing many times in creation, since Paul is writing under the influence of the Holy Spirit. asserted that the Godhead is clearly seen in creation.

The significance of this is that God’s created universe actually consists of three parts, which each of it’s distinct components of Time, Space and Matter, comprising and prevailing the whole universe.

Each of these Time. Space and Matter, consist of three parts. Time has, past present and future. Space has three dimensions of length, breath and width. Matter can exist in three forms; Solid, liquid and gas.

To go on further, the basic unit of matter, the atom, is composed of three main parts; Protons, neutrons and electrons.

Then the whole electromagnetic spectrum, is comprised of three components; electric fields, magnetic fields, and motion.

there is no doubt that God has left His signature on His creation.

We are created in a three part being, Body, Soul and Spirit.in the Image of God.

Colossians 1 Verse 16; “All things have been created through Him and for Him”.

:For Him, so His creation {all people} can have a relationship with Him.

God Bless


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