Ezekiel’s Time With God

psalm 55


Ezekiel is told by God, ‘to listen carefully and take to heart all the words I speak to you. Go to your men in exile and speak to them whether they listen or fail to listen. Definite instructions from God were given, words of the spirit, yet how often do we take notice? Ezekiel was warned that his people were rebellious and unyielding. Sound familiar?

Grumpy old Ezekiel obeyed. The instructions were clear and so old Ezekiel was lifted up by the spirit but left with bitterness and anger. How often do we resent being told what to do? Ezekiel recognized that he had the strength of the Lord with him and all he had to do was make people listen or ignore God’s words. Ezekiel spoke out to his people and figured he had only to make them listen to him or be a failure and they would not listen. Is that all we have to do too you think? No! God said in chapter 3 Verse 1:  ‘GO NOW and take heart all the words I speak to you for them. BUT, if they fail to listen, there is a warning along with a choice for the exiles.’

That is what we have today,. A choice to listen to the Lord or failure to listen is ours also. Ezekiel ate a scroll and was sent to the exiles to speak out! Here is an interesting part which is when God said, ‘You are not being sent to a people of obscure speech and difficult language whose words you cannot understand. Surely if I sent you to them they would have listened to you?’ They did not listen though and neither do we. We have a choice and we trust that God’s will for us is a plan of choices. God told Ezekiel to speak out whether they listen or not. What choice will you take?


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