Abiding In Him


John 15 verses 1 to 27: This chapter about Jesus the True Vine. offers guidance for hard times. The concept of pruning, seems unpleasant, but we must recognize the usefulness of hard times in the hands of our creative Lord and Friend.

Troubles can be a pruning process by which, what is unessential to our walk with Him is cut away, leaving the best of our faith in Him to grow and flourish.Like a vine growing new branches which sap, it’s fruit bearing potential. Believers can develop habits and lifestyles that distract us from our calling in life.

Troubles and persecutions have a way of redirecting our lives, inviting us to re-examine our priorities and concentrate on growing more and more in Our Lord and Our Friend.

Abiding in The Vine—The word Abide, means to continue or remain, and also meaning to dwell.

The key to abiding is Obedience. Knowing and doing the will of God is the essential means of remaining in Christ

Followed by Communication. As we obey, we also pray. Pray is communication with Our Lord and Our Friend. Prayer in combination with obedience produces results He hears our prayers and this will assure us that we can find the strength to do God’s will even in the midst of hard times.

And lastly Fellowship. Gathering ourselves together as the body of Christ, Belonging to a good church, were believers who love each other sacrificially, as Jesus loved, helping and encouraging each other to live, endure and thrive even in hard times.

Remaining– Abiding– Dwelling in the Vine, Who is Christ Jesus.

God Bless


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