Faith In action ‘Dance With All Your Heart’


Do we care what people think, and let our inhibitions stop us, from Praising and Worshiping Our Lord, with all that is within us.

The wonderful writer, Charles Spurgeon i quoted with saying: “If you are really saved, brethren, not a hair of your heads belongs to yourself. Christ blood has either bought you or it has not, and if it has, then you are altogether Christ’s. Every bit of you, and you are neither to eat, nor drink, nor sleep but for Christ’..

No wonder scripture says: Nehemiah 8 verse 10: “Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength”.

The Lord’s joy is everlasting, not just a temporary thing. King David in yesterday article, was bring the Ark of The Lord back to Jerusalem. The royal king was dancing. The most honored man in the lad was dancing unshakably before the Lord.

The Lord had chosen him, of all the people, to lead his nation, so David couldn’t help himself. He danced before the Lord. The goodness of The Lord overwhelmed, and David danced before The Lord with all his might, no inhibitions.

David’s unhindered heart for The Lord, was the very reason The Lord chose him to lead. 1 Samuel 13 verse 14: Samuel told Saul: “Your kingdom will not endure, The Lord has sought our a man after His own heart:.

King David’s heart for The Lord would influentially kindle the hearts of a nation. Davis ‘undignified ‘ worship was just what God is after..

Do we care, what people think when we worship Our Lord and Our Friend, with all that is within in us. Some people might take offense, others might say “I will have what they are having”. It is those people we will be of great witness to help with the Holy Spirit’s help to lead them to know more about, how awesome Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend. really is.

God Bless.


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