God Searches


Christianity is different from every other faith because, it is about God searching for mankind. It is not about mankind’s search for God to be good enough.

One of the ways this is illustrated, is in the stories in Luke 15. The story of the lost sheep, the story of the lost coin. and the story of the lost son.These are three fascinating stories which Jesus told himself.

The first story tells of a shepherd with a hundred sheep who loses one and goes in search of it until he finds the sheep.

The second concerns a woman who, having lost a silver coin, sweeps every part of her house until she has the coin in her hands again.

The third is about a man whose son leaves home with his inheritance, and the man is never quite the same until the son returns.

God has a shepherd’s heart and He searches for the lost sheep until He finds them. And with the story of the lost coin, we are being told that God will sweep the universe with the broom of His love until he finds that last lost soul. It is true in the story of the man whose son left home, the man a father did not follow him, but his love was with him there, in a far away country. And it was the fathers love, that was like a drawing vessel on His son to come home.

God is on the search, and his love is always drawing. Irony is God always knows where we are, his searching love is waiting for any and everyone to take hold, so we can come into His family, something we were all created for .

A loving searching God, and he is waiting for us, He is always standing at the door of our lives, it is up to us, on how much of Him we let iin.

Revelation 3 Verse 20.

God Bless.


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