Weekend Inspiration



Passages in the Bible often contain contrast, conflict and confrontational words from God.  He seems to have two ways in dealing with his people.  To me, God only intervenes to impact lives after a long time of letting them do it their way for a long length of time. For instance, in ‘Jeremiah’ and during Noah’s years of building the Ark. Then Paul’s ‘turn around life events and what about the saga of Cain and Abel? Brother against brother.

But God steps in to reverse the shunning and rejection of his wisdom to pull folk into line from ways of wrong and sin.  We are disciplined and shown forgiveness and compassionate care.  Sometimes his methods were/are harsh but there is no half time with our Lord. There is life living sin with our kin until like peeling away of skin, only in Jesus will you win.  He gathers and refines with justice and mercy until we are humbled at his feet.

Proverbs 23 verse 23 ;” Buy — and do not sell — truth, wisdom, instruction, and understanding.”

Haggai 1Verse 7: “The Lord of Hosts says this: ‘Think carefully about, your ways’.”

Zachariah 8 Verse 16: “The Lord their God will save them on that day as the flock of His people; for they are like jewels in a crown, sparkling over His land.”

Be Blessed


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