Art Thou Willing



Willing is a word that includes an emotion of reluctance when we walk the walk of faith. Often there is a challenge of choices that Jesus asks us to decide in our lives. But how much are we willing to? There is the force of self –decisions, the wanting to do things your way, to not heeding the voice of God as you pray, and to questioning his judgement. So how much are we willing to be guided by the Lord and how long does it take you? Then there is the doubting in a human way that comes with the struggle to accept truth. We need to be willing to connect with the power of listening to him, to seek his forgiveness for not believing in his healing and hopes for you and your loved ones.

Our willingness to abide by his words and to feel his presence creates a closeness of holiness and understanding, of discernment and wisdom, to know he is in control. When we ignore God’s guiding spirit and fall flat on our faces guess what? His loving spirit picks us up and we get another go of willing an outcome in God’s spiritual hugs. His willingness to quietly re-arrange our choices to change the situations we go through are endless blessings where he willingly lifts us above our doubting hearts and broken choices.

Are you willing to trust him, to listen to his word, to acknowledge his holy spirit in daily living and to receive his blessings. Are you willing to submit your hurting sorrows to his gifts of answering our prayers? It is easy ‘JUST LET GO’.

Psalm 51 Verses 10 to 12: Is part of a prayer of restoration.

Verse10: “God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Verse 11: “Do not banish me from Your presence or take Your Holy Spirit from me.”

Verse 12: “Restore the joy of Your salvation to me and give me a willing Spirit.”


Be Blessed


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