Weekend Inspiration



It is I again, as I stumble through life’s sinking sand,

I cannot take another step today.

I need loving arms to carry me, as I try to stand.

My heart is so burdened that here I do stay,

struck down in sorrow, hurt and pain.

A heart beaten by rejection that bled to stay.

I have come to my knees, I loved without gain,

I cry out in prayer, turn to you who has known,

how it feels to be broken and weary so.

From battles and trials that life has thrown.

Along bitter roads until I fell face down, so low.

Please lift me up, my Lord, high to your shoulders

and carry me very gently, close to your heart.

Heal me, renew me again, to be your strong soldier,

as I remember I can be, for your sake, to do my part.

I gave out such love, in your name for them I cared,

Even to those who mocked me and tore down my soul.

I need you to lift me from what I bore and is now bared.

Carry me until my footprints again imprint as whole,

for your peace and your power of love to restore.

As thy rivers of grace, mercy and forgiveness you will pour.

Excuse me Jesus, please hold me once more.


Be Blessed




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