Message From Colossians ‘Do It With All Your Heart

colosians 11

When we wrote first wrote on Colossians in ‘Excitement from Colossians’, there was a lot more we could have said. My learned friend The Kid,{Aka} Micheal who has been in the background somewhat, but still working hard, has written his own take on the excitement of Colossians.

For me Colossians feels like the book that shows Jesus as he is in his role as the head of the church. It shows him as the cornerstone, as the very foundation on which the church has been built, but also as the first of us to be born into God’s grace, forgiveness, and cleansing sin. He become the first among many, the new Adam if you will.

Paul uses his writings in Colossians to illustrate that Jesus is the first and foremost, the center piece of everything, especially at the center of every one of his believers, and how important it is for our lives to reflect that Jesus is the head of our lives.

For Paul, being a Christian must result in a changed life, If Christ is Head of all things, and if He has risen from the dead for us, this has to have a direct consequence for the way we live

This naturally got me thinking, if we were to take a critical look at our life and our walk with God, could we safely say that He is first and foremost in our lives, and secondly is it evident to others?

If we get everything we need to traverse this life from him, doesn’t it make sense to not hide his centrality to our lives? Not only that, but God is a jealous God, he wants to be first and foremost in our lives, yet the many trials, tribulations, novelties and distractions in life often seen him relegated to being a part of our lives and not the head of it.

I know that for me, I have to make a conscious effort every day to make Jesus my cornerstone, my center piece, and the leader of my life. I think we should all take encouragement from the words of Paul and heed his importations and make room in our lives for Christ to be the center of it, and unashamedly live our lives so others can see it.

I know I’ll be trying, and we believe that we’ll see more and more people longing, to walking forward in a more intimate relationship with out Creator!


The Kid

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