Weekend Inspiration



Often our spiritual life reminds me of using the ironing board.  Our inner self needs a washing machine, then a hanging out to dry before folding in a pile. After being sorted we choose to iron the garments, perhaps some need a hanger in a wardrobe, others folded according to slotting into a neat pile in a drawer.  Some however, having thrown the clothes unfolded into a basket, leave them wrinkled until hastily getting ironed as you need them.  Is your prayer time a bit like the above? Unfolding neatly and in order, the worries in a neat, manageable pile and sorted to please God? Or do you toss and fold your talks with God only as the urge to iron out the wrinkles in your life overcomes you and you need the ironing of wrinkles attended to?  Think about it?  To iron or not to iron is your choice.  Which method is effective for you in the unfolding of your talks to God. Hey! We are all different.

GUILT:  About the above, God would say, ‘what works for you is communing together, you and me, and that matters to me.’  See how guilt can attack in a subtle way by comparing. This brings me to an example of how when loved members of our family go astray, or refuse all contact, perhaps over many years, a sense of guilt can erode your spirit.

Questions like, ‘Could I/we, have done more?  Was it a lack on our part?’.  The one question we cannot answer is ‘WHY?’ Without reconciliation we lose hope but the love of the Lord can turn deserts of sorrowing emotion into gardens. For and in, every circumstance of grief and loss Jesus has a spiritual, significant answer.  Unload this guilt to Him.  Unfold it and iron it out with God. Let it be hung in a dark wardrobe. Cleanse the grief through his compassion. Let the father of love and wisdom sift and sort the laundry to dry free in the Holy Spirit wind.  Let it go.

Be Blessed


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