Weekend Inspiration



As a new Christian our inner clay pots may seem strong and filled with joy.  As our walk with God proceeds many of us encounter suffering, breaking hearts and a cracked doubting of faith.  Our clay pots of joyful oil break into shards of broken pieces that change our lives.

The Lord, the potter of our souls, chooses to form the life colors and patterns and,in time,forms and shape his clay pots.  He molds them with strength and love into lessons of faith by re-shaping more pots, ones that are often dry,holding empty dregs of hope.  In his compassion, God shows us that each portion of suffering is shared by him from the cross. Therefore, he changes our clay pots and fires them often,to perfect and restore trust and faith.  He will discard and reform clay pots to spill out,in spiritual insight as we, in a compassionate empathy for those enduring broken shards from the clay pots of life,can share God’s love for other hurting participants.

He will mend and heal, gather and glue until the shards are no more.Suffering souls search for the deeper essence and presence of our loving potter/father, God who gathers our broken pieces to render them unbreakable.  With trust, assurance, compassion, forgiveness, justice, mercy and truth, he shapes these gifts and fills the empty pots.  His clay pots pour out his overflowing anointing from the spout of his unfailing love.  His clay pots and our suffering are one with his healing compassion filled to the brim with a holy-spirit brew.Is your clay pot of humanity spilling over?


Be Blessed,


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