Weekend Inspiration



Expect the unusual in your journey with God.  Just when you think you have ‘GOT’ it he throws a crooked cricket ball. Families fall and fail, illness ravages a loved one unto death, substance abuse leads to destruction of a   teen, children die or are abused.  Somehow hope fades and one is left to sorrow.

Joseph was taken from his family as a young boy, spent time in prison and through rejection and loneliness he found the will to survive and was rewarded with freedom and family reconciliation Joseph must have felt abandoned and desolated but God took his courageous heart and led him out of the darkest situation under his favor with blessing. Joseph and his coat of many colors seems to me to represent the unexpected fabric of our God’s ‘sewing’ of our ‘life’ seams into a finished garment, of overcoming tragedy and losses. Only HE could have changed Joseph’s direction initiated by the cruelty of his brothers.  Their jealousy, envy and plotting was diabolical with deceit and betrayal causing suffering to their father. Psalm 31, verse 7 expresses how Joseph must have felt, ‘(I will be glad and rejoice in your love) for you see my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul.’  What a contrast of spiritual strength he carried. Often affliction can mean emotional stress but God taught Joseph to rejoice in his love.

Yes, Jesus intervenes with amazing love and forgiveness to this family.  He restores, reunites and mends the relationship when Joseph was lifted to royal status and blessed beyond measure in heavenly grace and favour. From a coat of many colors, Joseph was destined for the crowning of faith rewarded

How about that?  Lives involve relationships for all of us, good and bad but it has been my experience that my relationship with my God is from my heart to his, one to one, love in individual awareness. His guidance touches us in such unusual and amazing ways.

I can never fathom the depth of his acceptance of me.  That I am his unique follower, that we are all different in our walk of faith and his journey with each one of us is by his design and purpose.  From his heart.   To your heart.

Life with Jesus is love, love, learning and listening, as soulmates.

Be blessed.


Lorraine Szabo

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