Life’s Pages



A book of short stories will take the reader through sequences of various tales, often without connecting.  A novel however, unfolds from a beginning through to a conclusion and the chapters connect.  As Christians reading the Bible, both methods of written expression are evident.  God’s truths, spiritual teachings and wisdom, touch our souls in a way no other book can impact. Every page, every scripture, every person/participant’s life seems God centered, God controlled and God communicated.  That seems to me, that his ways are like the unfolding pages of life, to a climax of permanent peace and power, in total, forgiving love.  Is it my interpretation of scripture that God, of turned pages, expects obedience and punishes wrongdoing and sinfulness in many instances?  As we turn the pages we discover his forgiving release and mercy cancels out our sins and the God of love then restores, renews and offers his refuge. He gathers us to him despite our iniquities and chapter by chapter reveals his saving grace, where he wipes away our shame and writes it off.
In Zephaniah, chapter three, verse 17, it reads,

‘The Lord, your God is with you, he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with
his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.’

Can you imagine that?  Whatever page is turned in our experiences of life he will delight in us and sing over us.  Never before will you have been loved and accepted like that.  This is the Creator of the Universe delighting in you and wanting a relationship with you. He so delights in the pages of your life that he sings for joy. How amazing is that?
So read THE book!

Be Blessed

By Lorraine

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