Micah At A Glance

Micah was a country preacher who lived in the days of Isaiah and Hosea. Micah was prophet of the common people and country life. He was preaching at the same time Isaiah was preaching in Jerusalem and Hosea in Israel the burden of Micah prophecy was for Judah., but he did prophesies in other places.

The meaning of Micah messages.     Micah had a strong sense of the need of justice in society, whether through the proper administration of the justice in the courts. {Micah 7 verse3}, through fairness in the market place {Micah 6 verses 10 to 11} and through dealing with authority and power in a responsible manner {Micah % verse 12 and 7 verse 2 to 6}

A person relationship with God is primary and determines all others {Micah 6 verse8} which is a key verse.

” He has told you men what is good and what it is the Lord requires of you; Only to act justly to love faithfulness, and to walk HUMBLY with your God.”

Since justice and mercy are the Lord’s requirements “to walk HUMBLY with Him” must entail fair dealing with others.

What is fair should be measure only against the standard that god has already showed mankind to be “Good”. The issue of social justice brings Micah alive as a prophet who has much to say to all generations.

Another subject Micah covered was proper worship of the Lord. Micah deplored a religious system that had much ritual, but little repentance. Micah admonished people to commit themselves totally to the Lord. This meant to walk HUMBLY with God {Our Lord and OUr Friend} to forgo the worship of other Gods {Micah % verse 13} and to for go anything that might become a source of confidence for the believer other than the Lord. {Micah 5 verse 10 to 12}

The book of Micah seems to be divided into three parts each beginning with Hear Ye {Listen} Micah 1 verse 2 Micah 3 verse 1 Micah 6 verse 1 and each closes with a promise.

Even though Micah spent a lot of time preaching about judgement to come, {relevance to the present day}, He was above all a prophet of HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

Micah expressed trust that the Lord will accomplish His purposes in the world even when society is filled with corruption and violence.

God wants righteous conduct and a real personal experience of Him in each life. The best way to get back into God’s graces is to accept God’s grace.

The defining verse, what does God require of you, read Micah 6 verse 8 Again.

it is interesting that when Our lord and Our Friend summed up the same matter in Mathew 23 verse 23 he used these words “justice” ” mercy” and “faithfulness”. This equates to “”faith with walking HUMBLY with our God”, a great comparison.

Read Micah and enjoy .

God Bless.


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