A Message From Zephaniah ‘Sincerity and Humility’


Message from Zephaniah serving God in sincerity and humility.

Zephaniah can be referred to as one more of the traditional prophets of doom, which would lead most to a very quick read of the book named after him.

There was certainly much in Zephaniah times, that made him cry out for justice. King Josiah had inherited from his grandfather Manasseh a totally corrupt society. Paganism was rife, alters to Ball and Molech where everywhere and temples had been built to sun, moon, stars.

There was a preoccupation with wealth, and a blind eye to the oppression of the poor and weaker members of society. There were   reforms in Zephaniah’s  day, but they were to little to late. Wickedness was ingrained in the people that soon after the death of good King Josiah, the people reverted back to  idolatry

This was God’s plan for Judah that Josiah inherited. But how does today’s society measure up, we must ask the question are we equally indifferent to morality, and with wealth?

Like Joel, Zephaniah talked at length about the ‘Day of The Lord’, there are a lot of similarities between the two books.

What we can get excited about from Zephaniah is , that God cannot tolerate the worship of other god’s alongside Him, not can He tolerate violence, fraud, complacency, the proud, lying or deceit.

We also learn from Zephaniah that God responds to truth and sincere repentance. God loves people who serve Him, humbly.

Read Zephaniah afresh, sure it is a book about God’s Judgement, but it is also a book that tells us about His Mercy, Justice and Forgiveness, pointing to the Cross. The Cross where ‘whosoever’ comes with sincere repentance will be accepted. Enjoy the book again.

God Bless.

O F J.

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