Weekend Inspiration


Be inspired and blessed, as we share one of Lorraine Szabo’s poems again. This week poem is called ‘Come With Me Says He’. Lorraine has written many poems and many articles, which have been published, so we are blessed that we are able to share them.

Come With Me Says He.

When your trials become to much ‘let go’.

Jesus will nurture with patience, compassion,

In power, in tenderness and persistence.

While others may give up as you with woe

He will take your hand with no resistance

To re-light the candle of your life

To burn again so bright with His healing light

To quieten the hunger of those He cherishes.

Our Lord of peace tells us that He did see

“saran fall like lightening from heaven” To perish

Therefore His justice and righteousness will be

Like the waters of an overflowing stream

For you and for me

In gentleness and hope ‘Let go’ and allow

His river of love that flows like the sea.

His ways and waves will roll away trials and tears.

his flames of healing will burn in your heart to seal

Your soul for all eternity forever.

Just reach out for His hand, let go never

And go with Him as He calls ‘Come with Me’.

L Szabo c 2016

Be Blessed Today and Everyday.

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