Times, Time


We have shared about the ‘Greek’ words for love, and there were four of them, Eros, Stergos, Philos,and Agape.

This could be a ‘did you know segment’, well in Greek they have two words for Time. The first, ‘Chronos’ expresses time in measurable units eg; dates, seasons. ‘Chronos points to the before and the after; this kind of time is counted, and measured, measured with precision.

We like using and talking in ‘chronos’ terms. our lives are set by it in minutes, hours, days and weeks, to keep the record of the passing of Time.

There is a second word for time in Greek called ‘Kairos’ which looks past the measurement of time and into its potential. God is not limited by time, so the ‘Kairos’ or more than a measurement, it is also a gift to be enjoyed and even savored.

“Chronos function is concerned with Quantity, where as  ‘Kairos’ ask us to consider quality, invites us to recognize and seize the Divine, opportune moments before us.

But God is not limited by time so when He speaks to us,the Kairos interupts the ‘Chronos’. So a problem exists, we are naturally living in Chronos, thinking of keeping our eye on time, wondering when Our Lord and Our Friend will speak. But we should recognize that He is speaking right now, and we should be asking how He wants to talk to us.

An example of this can be found in The Creation story, in Genesis. We see Adam and Eve walking in communion with God, but it is not mentioned the lenght of time Adam and Eve enjoyed their garden relationship with God. The story is not limited or concerned with the Chronos time, but is about Kairos time.

Karios time calls us to do things and be people we would not otherwise be, It influences our lives by changing our perspective.

God is infinite and we can’t limit Him to Chronosronos time, let start seeing things form His perceptive, and use our time as Kairos time as a gift from Him to be savored and experienced.

Much more could be said, but lets all discover more for ourselves.

God Bless.

O F J.

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