Hear The Permeation


God’s voice permeates throughout Scripture. If we are to know God’s voice, we must spent time reading and studying the scriptures {Bible}. Spending time in the scriptures expands our knowledge and understanding of Our Lord and Our Friend, and all He has for us, to grow in.

There is really no right or wrong way to read The Bible, when we have a hungry heart for The Word Of God.

Everybody has a different method of reading and studying the Bible. I like to read to stories from the Bible, they are about real people, eg:

Noah — When God told him to build an ark. Imagine Noah, “Build A What?”, or at least that response would have been something I said.

Jonah—Yes Jonah didn’t like the people of Nineveh, but he was asked to go and preach to them. Jonah ran away at first. Imagine Jonah saying, “No I won’t”.

Joshua— was told to walk around Jericho, so many times. Imagine Joshua saying, ‘Why and for What”.

But Noah got on with the job, because he knew and trusted Him.

Jonah a bit of a wild child, but God’s man for the hour.gets on with the job.

Joshua after years of apprenticeship under a Godly man Moses, got on with the task God gave him to do.

Noah helped save everyone who would listen to his story.

Jonah helped save the people of a nation.

Joshua’s leadership helped take God’s people into the land God had promised them.

God is calling us all to be His representatives to this world. Have we got the ‘Heart for The Word’ in our lives, to follow His purposes for our lives.

A Heart for The Word, comes from receiving and accepting, the Living Word {Our Lord and Our Friend}, into our lives. Then the wonderful journey begins on our way to our eternal future, in Him and with Him.

From ‘A Heart For The Word’, real destiny and purpose is found.

God Bless.


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