Weekend Inspiration

endorsementOur Weekend Inspiration, this time is taken from an earlier writing from The Kid {Aka Michael}. Be inspired to be more desperate for the things of God, rather than the glittering things of the world, that get a lot of our attention

.I believe lack of true desperation stops God from moving.

I believe that if we only come running to God when we need something now, we aren’t hungering for him. everyone can get desperate if their house or car is going to be repossessed, but can everyone live a life where they are desperate for the things of God?

I believe that if we all made ourselves desperate for God, saw him as the fulfiller of all our needs, we would see more miracles, sure, we would also find that we have an intimate relationship with him. A relationship where we hear his will, his burning passion for the lost souls of this world, and his burning, intense love for all of us.

I believe we have to be desperate for Him, we have to desire Him, like a small infant child, totally dependent on it’s mother to survive. So should we strive to see that God has the means to provide for us, and he most definitely wants to.

Now, read on no more. Why not go seek him out, and spend some time feeding off of every word that flows from his mouth, and drinking from the river of living water? Go and spend time with Him, and desperately seek Him everyday.

You’ll be amazed!

-The Kid

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