Bible Faith


Faith is a word that many people miss understand, The Bible is not random words or random stories. It is a historical book, but is more than that, we can call it the ‘Manufactures Handbook’.

Is is common to make the mistake of bringing our own definition of words into our understanding of the Bible. The Bible does not imply, the faith is uses is referring to a belief without knowledge or evidence, commonly called blind faith.

If we are ever in doubt about the meaning of a word in the Bible, we should trace the meaning of the word, to the original language of the Bible. The Old testament is Hebrew. The New testament is Greek. This can easily be done through a good concordance.

The Word used in the New Testament for ‘faith’ is ‘PISTIS’, with a common interpretation of ‘the state of believing’ or ‘the basis of the reliability of the one we trust’. There is a ‘Trust’ involved, even going future a ‘confidence’

Many people believe Bible Faith, is built on hope, but it is more than that. Hope either implies. Hope in believing something is true. Bible faith is a ‘Trust and a ‘Confidence’ in Our Lord. There is no wished-washy hope or wishful thinking in Bible Faith.

Mathew 7 verses 24 to 29; is called the ‘Two Foundations’ in many Bible. It is speaking about a wise man {or woman} building a house. They build the house on solid foundations {a Rock}. We too should build our foundation of ‘Faith’ on firm foundations, a trust and confidence in Our Lord and Our Friend. The second house built was built on the sand, without solid foundations, the wished-washy, wishful thinking of non Bible faith.

If we follow the idea and say that faith is independent from facts, we basically admit that our faith isn’t real. Our Lord and Our Friend, had no problems using facts to make His case, which He would not have done if blind faith was all that was wanted.

In John 14 verse 11: Jesus tells His disciples, “Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. Other wise believe because of the works themselves”. in other words, they were to believe what He said in light of all the evidence He gave them, in this case, His miracles. He didn’t say, ‘Just have faith’.

It is clear that the Bible doesn’t tell us, to know by Blind faith just to know as little as possible; but rather, the more we know, the more our Faith, our conviction in the the truth of our beliefs will grow,

Grow in the Trust and Confidence our faith really is.

God Bless. OFJ,

2 responses to “Bible Faith

  1. Amen! Biblical faith is saving faith which results in obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, which is building our house upon the Rock. Amen!

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