Faith In Action ‘By His Love Only’


Circumstances around my life lately have taken me to places, I would not go if I had a choice. There is a difference between visiting people and friends in hospital, to being in a hospital bed and being the one visited. But really the same type of attitude should be with us, we are His vessel no matter where we are.

God is sovereign, He always knows where we are because, Matthew 10 verse 30: ““But even the hairs of your head have all been counted”. So if He knows that intricate detail about us, He always knows where we are.

I wasn’t have an enjoyable time in  hospital , because I needed some major surgery, but I never felt lonely, there was a Bible in the room, thanks to the Gideons, but I took my Bible and a couple of books with me, I also had my computer with me, so I could continue writing.

So I read a lot, trying to find out about story of people who didn’t want to be, where they found themselves.

There was In Daniel Chapter 3; The Story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they found themselves in a fiery Furnace, and they had lots of faith, their faith was why they were in the furnace.

There was Daniel himself in Daniel Chapter 6: Daniel was thrown into a lions den. He was in there because of his faith as well

There was Naaman in 2 Kings Chapter 5: Naaman was ill with leprosy, and Elisha the prophet told Naaman to go and sit in the river Jordan and wash himself seven times and he would be cured.  He wouldn’t have like just sitting in an apparently dirty river, waiting for hope of being cured.

These are stories of people from the Bible that found themselves in places they didn’t want to be. Faith was what took them there, so the point I found in my hospital pondering, was faith, it doesn’t matter where you are, our faith needs to be on display.

The reason is faith is our witness, and our faith will always get us through, any situation we find ourselves in. When I took my eyes off my own problem, I was able to use my faith, in My Lord and My Friend, to share with others.

So when we go through circumstances and situations we might not like, let take and use our faith in us, because our faith is all about Him, and who knows {He does}, what our faith will accomplish for Him.

God Bless.


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