Reflective Moment ‘God Is Sovereign’


God is Sovereign,  God is All-powerful and here are the attributes of God we also believe about Him as well                   ;

1. Perfect Holiness: This speaks of absolute purity. God can not sin nor does He tolerate sin {Wrong doings against Him}.

2. Perfect Righteousness; Righteousness and Justice are synonymous. Righteousness is Holiness in action against sin.

3. Perfect Love: God is not only has love, He is Love.

4. Perfect faithfulness: This means God is absolutely trustworthy, loyal, reliable and true to His Word.

Reverent Fear, is the least we can have, God is true to His Word, but God is just. God by His Word said ‘The wages of sin are death”, but God who is also Love, paid the price for Our Sins, by God The Son dying in our place on the cross, as the Price for our sins.

Reverent fear, of A Holy, Just, Loving and Faithful God, that is who this ministry puts it trust in. Sure we call Him Our Lord and Our Friend in nearly all of our writings, but the Reverent Fear, we have for Our Creator God, is what, we want everybody to know, and to know how Awesome and Sovereign He is.

If we accept the price His own Son paid to redeem us back to Him, and know  that by accepting Him as Lord and Savor, that we can commune with Him in His attributes, because we walk in His Holiness, His Righteousness, His Love and His Faithfulness. We become enclothed in Him and All He Is. This is how we can say that we Trust God, because He has been true to His word and He has been since the beginning of the whole of His Creation.

He is Our Lord and Our Friend, and He is more He is our Holy and Righteous, Loving and Faithful God, who deserves our total respect and submission, for He know the Plans He has for us, and they are for our good and not for ruin.

God Bless.

O F J.

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