Reflective Moment ‘Joy And Sorrow Everyday Life’


I met up my close friend today, David, David is my prayer partner, and we hadn’t really seen each other for about a month, David had been in hospital for heart surgery and I had been caring for my wife at home through, because of her debilitating illness and was with her in her promotion to glory.

It was hard not keeping in touch with David. David and I support each other through tick and thin, like great friends and prayer partners should do, but we were concerned for each other, and sort of hiding the realness, of each of our situation from each other, because we didn’t want extra pressure to be borne, in the circumstance, we each were going through.

As real friends should, we both were able to share our joy and sadness with each other. We were able to praise the Lord together. We were able to share a meal together, and we were able to pray in person together, and talk with our Loving Lord and Friend.

Did my sadness go away, did the effects of the pain of surgery for David go away, no, but The Lord was with us, encouraging us in our devotion together. We are never alone when we ask Christ Jesus to become Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

A question, some might ask, is David came through surgery well, but my wife was taken home, why?

The answer I found is, in the words my wife, had written in her Bible, ‘Born For Eternity’. We are all born to live in an eternal relationship, with the God that created us, it is up to us to choose, that walk with Him. My wife has now finished her earthly journey, and is now in her eternal destiny, with Her Lord, and Her Friend..

Joy, and sadness are all apart of the emotions, on our journeys through life, on our way, to our eternal destiny, and it’s help to have wonderful friends, who can share those with you.

God Bless.


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