Weekend Inspration


Again a special weekend inspiration, from a friend of the ministry, a lovely lady, who is expressing her journey of faith, thank you Monica.


The forest around me is so thick

I have all but lost my way

I walk directions I do not know

And Then I stop to pray.

I fell to my knees a broken one.

My heart hurting, crying out

I don’t know how to find that peace

That my God tells me about.

I lift my arms surrendering

What left I have to give

I don’t want this darkness Lord

Your light will help me live.

Exhausted I lay on the ground

No energy to spare

A rest is what is needed

For this heart that’s in dispair

Upon awaking from my sleep

I arise up off the ground

Every part of me still hurting

But then I hear a sound.

Distracted by the noise I hear

I look and then I see

A light far in the disatnce

And a voice thta’s calling me

I moev closer to the light

The path it now is clear

It has let me see my way

Through this forest and the fears

Moving forward towards the radiance

I can no longer see

The forest that is round about

Every side of me.

I keep walking feeling warmer

And then at last I see

The forest is behind now

The field ahead I’m free.

Monica Turnbull c.

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