Reflective Moment “Stewards Of Truth’


Stewards; People who serve people. Stewards called to manage all that is imparted to them.

1 Corinthians 4 verse 1 & 2;

V1: “A person should consider us in this way: as servants of Christ and managers of God’s mystery”.

V2: “In this regard, it is expected of managers that each one be found faithful”.

The Apostle Paul was not trying to justify himself against the inflated claims by the false teachers at Corinth and the increasing accusations he had to deal with. Paul simply counted that he was a servant of The Lord and a steward of truth.

His responsibility was to be faithful to what he had been called to do. Sometimes the critics through life, don’t uphold or relate to what we call wonderfully precious. Our responsibility is simply like Paul’s, and our answer too, should be something like Paul’s we are simply a servant of Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend, and we are a faithful stewards, of all He has bless us with.

God Bless.


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