Faith In Action ‘Being Excited’


There should be great excitement, with going somewhere special. We had an advertising promotion, that use to declare ‘I am Excited’. The advertisement,  catch phrase ‘I am excited’. The advertiser was excited about telling us about his product.

There was a chorus, a lot of churches, use to sing a lot, or a lot more than is heard in recent times. It said: “I am going to get all excited and I am going to tell everybody that Jesus Christ is King”.

Maybe those words should be ringing in our minds, but we should be singing, “I am all excited, I am going to tell  everybody that Jesus Christ is King”. You see the suttle different, from getting excited to being excited.

There are so many people preaching different messages these days, and even with the Christian message. There is a difference between having a message to preach, and a message that will make people think, about what being said.

Sadly, generally people only here what they want to hear. But as believers, we should be Excited about hearing The Word of God preached.

The Word of God begins where our understanding of the Gospel needs to begin, amid the flawless glories of creation. Ecclesiastes 3 verse !1:

“He has made everything appropriate in its time. He has put eternity in their hearts”.

Genesis 1 verse 31: “God  saw all that He had made, and it was very Good”

We see in the beginning of all things, God said everything was good, and He put eternity in our hearts at creation. But man and woman weren’t happy with that, they wanted what God said was not good for them, and they partook.

Lost, lonely, and afraid, they were forced to leave the wonderful place God made for them. But even with their ultimate rebellion, God made a temporary covering for them. {Genesis 3 verse 21}.

The temporary covering was to be in place, until Christ Jesus came Himself, to pay the price for their rebellion, That is why, we now should be all excited, because Christ Jesus paid The Price, for all our wrong-doings {sin} that separate, us from our created purposes.

We again can have a new life, with eternity in our hearts, because Jesus Christ is King.

Let’s be all excited, and tell everybody, the wonderful purpose we were created for and why Christ Jesus is our King as well as Our Lord, Our Redeemer and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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