We are living in a world of change, and most people don’t like change. Technology is changing all the time, and it is hard to keep up with. Who would have though even 50 years ago, people would be walking around, appearing to be talking to themselves, but really talking a mobile {cell} phone that fits in a pocket.

Technology brings change, and we should embrace change for the better. Change has improved the way we read God’s Word, otherwise we would still  have to accept reading it on parchment and scrolls.

When one thinks of the Great Commission, {Matthew 28 verse 16 to  20} Our Lord and Our Friend gave, it would have been a challenge then, even though the known world was quite small. But these days, with the way communications are, we can reach nearly all places on the planet with in minutes.

So whether we accept it or not, our lives, are in a constant state of change. We need to recognize how important it is to transform to change. Our Lord and Our Friend wants to transform our lives into more and more like Him. We are never to be transformed into the world’s ways, but we can transform our witness with the technology of the world’s discoveries.

It is not the transition itself that is critical, but how we respond to change both spiritual and technical. Most people do not handle change well. They take it badly when faced with a new season of life.

Joshua 1 verse 9: “Be strong and courageous“.

So when change, transformation or transition occurs, we should be prepared to draw on God’s strength and honor Him with our Godly attitudes, action and any change for the better that comes our way.

Ephesians 4 verse 17 to 32: Living the New life.

Our lives have been changed, when we accept God’s Salvation plan through Christ Jesus.  We walk in a new life, but we walk under. the biggest change, we die to our old way of living, which brings the most wonderful change, ‘Now we live our life in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.

God Bless.


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