Outside Our Comfort Zones


We have spoken about, Our Lord and Our Friend, washing the feet of His disciples being more of a cultural message. We today have cultural divides. but we should never rule anybody out. Jesus reached out to all. He was criticized for this. He was criticized for going to the house of a tax collector. He reached out to lepers, a Samaritan  woman and Gentiles, all who would have shocked the cultures of the day.

All these people, shocked the religious at the time, by responding to Jesus. I recently watched a programme on Christian Television, set in the 1960 and 1070, there was a ministry, which reached out to the hippies of the time. People were coming to church, in very different kind of clothing, even leaving the beach to come in their swim wear.. This would have been unacceptable in many churches, because they were not dressed in proper attire. We can not judge the attire of those who want to hear, just as we can not judge the culture, of those searching for truth. If we search for Truth, like all, we will find HIM.

Maybe there is somebody in each of our worlds, who we believe is so far from God, we have written off. Perhaps it is a family member, who gives us grief, about our convictions, an acquaintance that has never understood, or someone we think is so self absorbed in the things of the world, there is no hope.

There is nobody, who is unreachable by the Holy Spirit, but it needs you and me, to be and reflect the Faith we have in Our Creator God. Jesus was quite radical for His time, the cultural law, prohibited lepers from having contact with non-lepers Read about The cleansing of a leper in Mark 1 verse 40 to 45.

The message to be taken from the story is, the Good News of The Gospel, is more contiguous, than leprosy, and a lot better for you, because by The Power of God, the leper was healed. So in effect we should all be contagious with the Gospel message and filled with the contagious Power of  Holy Spirit.

In order for The Gospel to be effectively witness, in our lives, our own cultural barriers need to come down, and be a contagious Christian who infects others no matter who they are, with God’s Love.

Romans 10 verse 14: {Message Bible} “But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust? And how can they know to trust if they haven’t heard  of The One Who can be trusted? And how can they hear if nobody tells them?”

We all build up barriers of protection, but we don’t need them, because Our Lord and Our Redeemer and Our Friend is our protection. It is time for us to trust more, and step out of our comfort zone, and leave it to the Holy Spirit to work through us more.

God Bless.

O F J.

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