To know who we are will build contentment in our lives. To be known is something people seem to be striving for.

Well the fact is before anyone of us was born God knew us. How can this be it is simple God is Past-tense, Present -tense, and Future-tense, time has no bearing on God.

God knew all about, all of His creation when he created everything. The image of God is both male and female. The implications is that we need someone else to complete us. This doesn’t mean that we can’t be a whole person, until we’re married. Relationship isn’t limited to family life or the expression of sexual intimacy. But it does mean that we need one another. If I make myself the center and gather the world around me, arranging life around me, for the sake of myself. I become smaller, not bigger, I will not grow but the opposite will happen. There is no completion in it, and there will be no wholeness. God created us so we could have relationship with him, which will enhance the friendships and relationship we have with others

Genesis 1 verse 31: “God looked over everything he had made, and it was good, so very good”.

Yes that is the way God looked at us when He created us,in all His creation but rebellion in what His first creation {Adam and Eve}, chose to do that changed that.

Jesus came to restore the damage of that rebellion, and to Anyone who will come to accept Him, as their Creator and redeemer, He will give them a new identity.

We are identified with Him and all of Who He is. Jesus then becomes our shepherd and looks after us as one of His own.

If you never were among Christ Jesus’ own before, may He bring you now . Come and see what it is to have eternal life with the one Who created you. {Our Body may die but the real being our Spirit will live for eternity}. We can have a new identity, a new destiny. It is a chose too good to refuse.

Our pray and the mission of this ministry is to help everybody find a closer walk with Their Creator God {Our Lord and Our friend}. May the Great and wonderful Shepherd draw us all closer to Him.

Remember we have a new identity in Christ Jesus, only he can fill our lives completely and give us that new identity as one of His.

Then we can build real contentment, and know, we are known and loved by Our Lord and Our Friend, Christ Jesus Who was and Who is God, the Creator of the universe.

God Bless.

O F J.

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