Reflective Moment ‘Fruit From Our Vine’


It is very interesting that a television show, comes out about those left behind after a rapture of Christians. Whether we believe in the rapture or not is not apart of this reflective moment. The amount of people that disappeared was very low, compared to the stats on people who call themselves Christians.

Perhaps the discrepancy can be explained by Isaiah 5 verse 1 to 7: The Subtitle of which is ‘Song of The Vineyard’.

This parable is a condemnation of Israel for its social sins. The people should have been concerned with establishing justice and righteousness, good fruits. But they did not live up to their calling, thus their fruit was sour to God.

This passage of scripture has profound implications for all of us today. When God drinks the wine, from the fruit we produce, will it refresh Him or will He spit it out.

The vineyard of our lives, should produce amazing fruit, as we serve an Amazing and Awesome God. Do we just produce a surface crop of sour grapes, that only reflects the world we live in?

Lets be people who plant ourselves deep In Him, so we can produce fruit worthy of our calling. Galatians 5 verse 22 and 23:

God Bless.

O F J.

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