Walking ‘To Please God’


As we look at 1 Thessalonians 4 verse 1 to 8; has a subtitle in a lot of bibles called, ‘The Call to Sanctification’.

The doctrine of Sanctification, has to do with being set apart, consecrated and dedicated to God. Paul is writing to the Thessalonians, and encourages them that even though thy are doing well, to rise to a level holiness in their daily living.   It is really encouragement to us all, things may be going well spiritually in our lives, but there always can be improvement.

As Christians we should not just be happy with the status quo,  we should always be trying to do better, because the standard that has been set for us is Christ Jesus, Our Lord and Our Friend Himself.

Some people live as if all that is important is Salvation and escaping earth to get to heaven. Could be said just have a ticket for the ride. Our Lord and Our Friend is deeply concerned with each of His followers daily walk. He has sent the Holy Spirit to be our comforter and help.

Comforter, not just to keep us comfy, it is more comforting us in the realities of life, which can be good, but most often quite challenging. Helper, as we face the circumstances of life, and try to grow through them.

The Holy Spirit is with us, to help us, in how we live our lives, to instruct us in be great representatives of the God we serve.  To do this we need to continually Grow in our knowledge of God, and as much as the knowledge we gain is to build us into stronger faith, it is also to build us more in compassion for action.

Our Lord and Our Friend came not just for the eternal aspect of His followers, but also to enable us to live as examples in a dark and sinful world that does not know Him.

Walking to please God, by using the word ‘walk’ or ‘live’, The Apostle Paul has put an emphasis on actions.

Actions through learning, we can never learn all about God, there is to much about Him for our comprehension.

Actions in having progress in our lives, and in our walk to please God.

Actions as our faith is being strengthened, but not actions without using our faith in Him. Faith without works is dead.

Actions out of becoming more like Him {Christ-like}, have compassion for our actions,

Actions not to live like the people of the world, we have become Kingdom People.

The word walk is an ‘action’ it requires effort, and Paul through this letter to believers is telling us to rise in our levels of holiness in our daily living.

The message is one of growth in every aspect of our Christian walk. Once we accept the Salvation message as a response to God’s love, God excepted us the way we were, but He loves us to much, to leave us that way, when there is so much about Him we can learn about. Our Love back to Him is and ‘action’ walking to please Him’

God Bless.

O F J..

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