People Of A Different Vision


When Moses sent 12 men from Kadeah-Barnea to spy out the land of Canaan, Joshua represented the tribe of Ephraim. Joshua name was Hoshea, but Moses changed his name to Joshua. Joshua and Caleb were the only two spies to bring back a positive report, concerning God’s people taking Canaan. Read all about it in Numbers 13:

Consequently of all the adult males to leave Egypt out of slavery in The Exodus, only these two crossed the Jordan River and entered The Promise Land

Like it’s name The Promise Land was a promise from God. God told Moses to send men to scout the land. But 10 of the men rather than seeing the blessings the land would bring, saw the people they were spying on as giants, and the land God had promised them, too hard to take.

Only Joshua and Caleb, saw the situation differently, {Numbers 13 verse 30}. Caleb telling the people in front of Moses, “We must go up and take procession of the land, because we can certainly conquer it”.

Apparently, only two of the men, sent to spy out the land were visionary leaders. Actually, the term ‘spy’ is a bit dramatic, The twelve representative of the 12 tribes, where not involved in any espionage, they were more like explorers and land surveyors. Many of the aspects of their work are laid out in Numbers 34 and became useful for dividing the land 40 years later.

The same twelve men saw the  same things, but ten reached a different point of view than Joshua and Caleb. Today the world is crying out for visionary leaders. There is no lack of information about what needs to be done, but the same questions remain as to whether we interpret the information according to our human frailties, or whether we see the information, through the Power and Promises of God.

Let us all be people of  a different vision, and progress in life through Our Lord and Our Friend’s Power and Promise.

God Bless.





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