Hymns Of Our Forefathers


Faith in an All-powerful God, the following words encapsulate this: ‘Faith is a living promise from heaven, which grasps the promise God has given’. Well those are the opening lines to another wonderful old hymn, song by our forefathers, so here is that wonderful and ever encouraging old Hymn.

V1: Faith is a living power from heaven

Which grasps the promise God has given;

Securely fixed on Christ alone,

a trust that cannot be o’erthrown.

V2. Faith finds in Christ whate’er we need

To save and strengthen, guide and feed;

Strong in His Grace, it joys to share

His cross, in hope His crown to wear.

V3. Faith to be conscience whispers peace,

And bids the mourner’s sighing cease;

By faith the children’s right we claim,

And call upon our Father’s name.

V4. Such faith in us, O God, implant.

And to our prayers Thy favor grant.

In Jesus Christ, Thy saving Son,

Who is our fount of health alone.

Faith sung about down through the centuries, let reflect on the words. “Such faith in us, O God implant’, surely fixed on Christ alone.

We all have Faith, just like a mustard seed, let it grow into the Faith, our All-powerful God, has destined us to have.

God Bless.



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