Faith in action ‘Sometimes we Get It Wrong’


In this day and age, we are busy, busy, busy. Hustle and bustle has us on the verge of fatigue. Fatigue, where people are constantly complaining, how tired we are. Our bodies seem to be paying a high price, for the pace we live at.

But there is an alternative, and many of us know, we need to slow down, and have some quiet contemplation times.

Our only real example, Our Lord and Our Friend, at all the great moments of His life, was shown at prayer. Talking with His Father.

Jesus prayed at Hid baptism, before coming into conflict with the Pharisees. Luke 3 verse 21;

Jesus prayed before selecting the twelve disciples. Luke 6 verse 12:

Jesus prayed at the transfiguration, and during His crucifixion.Luke 9 verse 29, Luke 23 verse 46:

Jesus took time to pray for His followers when He prayed for Peter in his ordeal. Luke 22 verse 32:

Before we make a major commitment, we should take the time to pray.

Before we begin new friendship, that we want to be lasting, we should pray.

While we are in trails and stresses, we should pray.

We should remember our friends, when they are going through troubling situations, we should take the time to pray for them.

When we make ourselves busy, busy, busy, we tend to forget, we need to pray. Prayer is communication with a God that loves us. We owe it to Him, to commune with Him regularly, about our concerns, our commitments, our plans, our hopes, and our friends.

But sometimes we get it so wrong, and we need to step back from our busy life styles and commune with Our Lord and Our Friend.

God Bless.

O F J.

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