Hymn Of Our Forefathers ‘Come In Lord’


Christ is knocking on all our hearts and all the rooms in our lives, He just doesn’t want to come into a prepared room in our lives, he wants to come into all of our life, and patiently transform us from head to toe, but only as we let Him.

So here is a Hymn, ‘Christ Is Knocking’

V1: Christ is knocking at my sad heart;

shall I let Him in?

Patiently knocking at my sad heart,

Oh, shall I let Him in?

Cold and proud is my heart with sin;

Dark and cheerless is all within:

Christ is bidding me turn unto Him;

Oh, shall I let Him in?

V2: Shall I send Him the loving word?

Shall I let Him in?

He can infnite love impart;

He can pardon this rebel heart:

Shall I bid Him for ever depart,—

Or shall I let Him in!

V3: Yes, I’ll open this proud heart’s door;

I will let Him in!

Gladly I’ll welcome Him evermore,

Oh yes, I’ll let Him in!

Blessed Saviour, abide with me;

Cares and trials will lighter be;

I am safe if I’m only with Thee;

Come in. O Lord, come in!

The greatest privilege anyone can have is to open the doors of their lives to the Lord of Glory.

We were created to have fellowship with Him, and He wants to be Lord Of All in our lives.

If we have made the decision to open the door of our heart to Him, it is time to reflect, does He have free reign in our lives, without exception.

As Scripture tells us in Jeremiah 29 verse 11:”For I know the plans I have for you”— this is The Lords declaration—- “plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope”.

Our Lord and Our Friend wants to come into our lives {in all our life] but on our invitation only. He not only wants to renovate our lives, He wants to transform-ate Them.

God Bless.


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